FWD.us Statement on Failure of Immigration Legislation H.R. 6136 and Need For Bipartisan Process

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement today after H.R. 6136, the Republican-only proposal offered by House Republican Leadership, failed in the U.S. House of Representatives:

“Today’s vote makes it absolutely clear – once again – that the ONLY path forward to protecting Dreamers is a bipartisan process that leads to votes on bipartisan legislation. We opposed this bill today. While it contained some good elements, it came with harmful cuts to legal immigration levels and allowed the indefinite detention of children and families – and we opposed it because it abandoned a bipartisan process that is absolutely required to get legislation signed into law.

“We strongly urge any lawmaker serious about protecting Dreamers to immediately commit to a bipartisan process and bipartisan legislation such as ‘Hurd-Aguilar.’ With DACA at risk of being eliminated in the weeks to come, passing legislation to permanently protect Dreamers could not be more urgent.”

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