FWD.us Statement: Court Ruling Orders DHS to Begin Accepting New DACA Applications

WASHINGTON, DC — FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement on today’s court ruling ordering DHS to begin accepting new DACA applications, and restore the program to its 2012 form:

“This ruling makes clear that Chad Wolf acted unlawfully when he tried to slash DACA months ago. The Judge ruled that the DACA 2012 memo is the law of the land, and that 3 days from now, on Monday, DHS must be prepared to implement this — including accepting and processing new DACA applicants. Thousands of young people who should have been eligible for deportation protection and work authorization have been waiting for over three years to access this life-changing program and live with peace of mind in the country they call home. It is well past time for DHS to finally follow the repeated judicial orders and begin to accept these applications.

“We are clear-eyed about the reality that Republican Attorneys General and the Trump Administration will again try to dismantle DACA through their ongoing litigation in Texas — and we need a legislative solution — but today’s order is an important victory for DACA recipients and the thousands of young dreamers who will now have access to this program. Today’s order could not be more clear and must be followed immediately, without delay.”

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