FWD.us Statement Commending New York City Council for Supporting the Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act

NEW YORK, NY — FWD.us today released the following statement from Eddie A. Taveras, New York State Immigration Manager, in response to New York City Council’s support of the Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act, or “Green Light NY bill” (S01747/A03675):

“Today’s resolution is an important step in making driver’s licenses more accessible to undocumented New Yorkers, helping to make our roads and communities safer, and improving economic mobility and family safety across the state. With a valid driver’s license, New Yorkers like Dalila, a mother of two U.S. citizens from the Capital Region, will no longer have to make the terrible choice of driving without a license or not take her children to the doctor. The Green Light NY bill – which creates a process for drivers to earn a license – will undoubtedly strengthen and grow New York’s economy by generating an estimated $57 million in annual state revenue. We applaud City Councilman Ydanis Rodríguez and the entire New York City Council for their support of the Green Light NY bill. New York families and communities deserve action on driver’s licenses this year, and we encourage the state legislature to take up and support this critical piece of legislation.”

The passage of the Green Light NY bill, championed by the Green Light NY: Driving Together campaign, would allow an estimated 752,000 undocumented immigrants in New York to apply for driver’s licenses and take a driving exam. From demonstrably increasing road safety – with marked reductions in collisions and insurance claims in several states that have already passed the law – to improving the ability of law enforcement to ensure the identity of the New Yorkers they interact with, the bill will make New York stronger and safer for all. Creating a process to license all drivers is also expected to lower insurance premiums for all New Yorkers, while improving new drivers’ access to job opportunities and economic mobility.

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