FWD.us Statement: Biden Administration to Implement International Entrepreneur Rule (IER)

WASHINGTON, DC – The Biden Administration today announced it will clear the way for implementation of the International Entrepreneur Rule (IER) to spur job creation and innovation in the United States. FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement:

“We applaud the Biden Administration and the Department of Homeland Security’s decision to spur job creation, innovation and economic growth in the United States by preserving the International Entrepreneur Rule. Entrepreneurship has always been a door to the American dream, and we must continue to welcome people from around the world who want to build something here. This program is one of the few options available to immigrant entrepreneurs who want to stay in the U.S. and launch their companies here, creating American jobs and growing the economy as a result. FWD.us has worked closely with leaders and entrepreneurs in the tech community on this policy for more than five years, and we look forward to seeing DHS finally implement this meaningful rule.

“Entrepreneurs from all walks of life have been critical to helping communities across the country respond to and recover from the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. Immigrants in particular have played an outsized role in fighting this pandemic as essential workers, and they will continue to aid in our economic recovery as job creators.

“While this policy is important, it is only a temporary fix in the absence of broader legislative reform. Congress should pass a startup or entrepreneur visa to make these pathways permanent for immigrant job creators, and continue to expand and improve the immigration system to keep the U.S. globally competitive in the years to come.”

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