FWD.us’ Second Anniversary In Georgia

ATLANTA, GA — Today, FWD.us hosted a luncheon at the High Museum of Art to celebrate the two-year anniversary of its offices opening in Georgia. The event featured remarks by State Senator Chuck Payne (R – Dalton) and Luisa Cardona, Deputy Director of the Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs. Speakers thanked FWD.us Georgia for their work to promote immigration reform, including at both the state and federal levels, and their eagerness to continue partnership.

FWD.us Immigration Associate Jaime Rangel also discussed FWD.us’ continued plans to work in a bipartisan manner to address the immigration issues facing our nation. Highlights from FWD.us’ work over the past two years include successful trips to Washington, D.C. with Georgia Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders to advocate for protections for these populations, events with members of Georgia’s congressional delegation and to celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month (IHM), and advocating for smart immigration policy changes in Georgia that make streets safer, encourage entrepreneurship, and contribute to sustained economic growth across the state.

Following the event, attendees and participants experienced an exclusive exhibit tour with local artist Yehimi Cambron, whose work is currently being featured in the “Of Origins and Belonging, Drawn From Atlanta” exhibit at the High Museum. Her artwork highlights her immigration narrative, her family and the communities within Atlanta that she calls home.

Participant quotes from today’s roundtable are below:

“I am proud to celebrate FWD.us’ second anniversary in Georgia because I believe that immigrants and immigration are part of what make Georgia great,” said Georgia State Senator Chuck Payne (R – Dalton). “Thousands of hard-working, honest immigrants have relocated to northeast Georgia the heart of the South over the past few decades, bringing with them a determination and entrepreneurial spirit that has made our country great.” – State Senator Chuck Payne (R-Dalton)

“As we saw through Yehimi Cambron’s artwork, the immigrant community and heritage is rich here in Atlanta. We contribute to the economy and are key components of our society’s fabric. We at FWD.us are proud of our work the last two years and all that we’ve accomplished. We are so grateful for the hospitality and home we have found here in Atlanta and look forward to continued bipartisan work.” – FWD.us Immigration Associate Jaime Rangel

“Welcoming Atlanta has greatly enjoyed working with FWD.us over the past two years, helping us ensure that everyone in our community feels welcomed and included, and is able to fully contribute to our society. I am glad to be standing here today to discuss the work that still needs to be done and to highlight the cultural and artistic value that immigrants add to Atlanta.” – Deputy Director of Welcoming Atlanta, Luisa Cardona

“Georgia immigrants play integral roles in our community, and have greatly contributed to Atlanta’s growth into the culturally rich and economically strong city we are today. I hope my work provides an in-depth look into the intersection between our own immigrant stories and the city of Atlanta and our communities.” – Artist Yehimi Cambron

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