FWD.us Releases New “Home is Here” Video Featuring Dreamer Marissa Molina, Colorado Governor Jared Polis

WASHINGTON, DC — Ahead of the Supreme Court hearing oral argument on three DACA cases on November 12, FWD.us today released the newest video in its “Home is Here” series, featuring the story of Colorado Dreamer Marissa Molina. An educator and advocate in her home state, Molina currently serves as FWD.us’ Colorado State Immigration Manager, and earlier this year became the first DACA recipient appointed to any state board when Colorado Governor Jared Polis named her to the Metropolitan State University’s (MSU) Board of Trustees.

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In the video, Molina — who is joined by Colorado Governor Jared Polis — describes the fear and uncertainty growing up undocumented, the love and support she sees in her parents’ sacrifices, and how sharing her own story as a young undocumented person has ultimately empowered her to connect with a larger group of people facing similar challenges.

“Marissa’s home is here, and her courageous leadership fighting for communities across our state makes Colorado stronger in every way," said Colorado Governor Jared Polis. "Protecting DACA is critical to ensuring that Marissa – and more than 14,000 other Colorado DACA recipients like her – can continue contributing to our state and building their lives in the only country most of them have known as home."

“I’m so grateful for the activists who took those first steps, and it’s my turn to step up – I want to make sure that my parents’ sacrifice and their love is reflected in the work that I do,” said Molina. “There are more than 14,000 DACA recipients in Colorado, and DACA recipients are embedded in our country as a whole. I hope the Supreme Court acknowledges that we have a broken immigration system, and I hope people stand up for DACA recipients, their families, and their children, because our home is here.”

The Home is Here campaign is an ongoing effort to defend DACA and support immigrant families ahead. With the fate of DACA now in the hands of the Supreme Court, hundreds of thousands of people could lose their homes, their livelihoods, and their families. The Home is Here campaign aims to put an end to this fear and uncertainty and show the Supreme Court that DACA recipients and immigrant families aren’t going anywhere, because their #HomeIsHere.

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