FWD.us Publishes New Policy Recommendations for the Biden Administration to Reduce Pressure at the Border and Support Receiving Communities

Recommendations come as a crucial step in shaping the future of managing forced migration and its impact on communities across the United States.

WASHINGTON, DC – As the humanitarian challenges posed by forced migration continue to be politicized, FWD.us has developed a new set of policy recommendations that the Biden administration should implement to counter misleading proposals to end asylum in America and limit the federal government’s operational support to welcoming cities.

“We know that the Biden administration’s recent creation of legal pathways has had measurable success in providing safer migration options and redirecting some unauthorized migration away from the border, and that much of the President’s announced strategy, if implemented promptly and effectively, could drastically address many of the challenges we are seeing at the border today,” said Andrea Flores, VP of Immigration Campaigns and Policy at FWD.us. “We are committed to supporting additional efforts for the Administration to provide a secure and welcoming environment for those in need. The use of parole programs, expanded access to CBP One, and the redesignation of TPS for Venezuela were all significant steps forward in incentivizing orderly migration and providing relief to welcoming cities, but the policy recommendations outlined in this brief demonstrate there is more that can be done to take pressure off the border and support interior cities. Of course, while these are critical actions the Administration can take, there is still no excuse for Congress failing to act.”

One of the key recommendations highlighted by FWD.us is the recommendation to replicate the successful approach taken in resettling tens of thousands of Afghans. This includes coordinating the arrival and providing transition housing for asylum seekers who come to the United States without financial sponsors or family ties. By implementing this approach, the Administration can take significant strides in ensuring a more humane and efficient process for those seeking asylum and reduce the burdens cities like New York, Chicago, and Boston are facing.

For more info, read the full policy brief here.

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