FWD.us Launches Two New TV Ads Focused on Legislative Push for Citizenship

WASHINGTON, DC — FWD.us has launched two new TV ads as part of its seven-figure national TV and digital campaign advocating for the passage of legislation that creates a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, TPS holders, farmworkers, and other undocumented immigrants as part of the build back better agenda. These latest ads come in the midst of a massive legislative push to pass a pathway to citizenship as part of the reconciliation package moving through Congress. FWD.us will spend about $1 million running these ads and other paid media over the next two weeks in DC and across a dozen key states.

The first ad, “Belong,” focuses on the economic benefits of passing a pathway to citizenship and keeping workers working and paying taxes. Citizenship will boost our GDP by $1.5 trillion, generate billions in tax revenue, create 400,000 new jobs, and increase wages for American workers by $600 each year. Nearly 60 economists penned a letter to Senate leadership outlining the enormous economic benefits and significant budgetary impact of a pathway to citizenship.

The second ad, “Nereyda,” features a DACA recipient and essential worker sharing her story and detailing the bipartisan support she’s seen for a pathway to citizenship, as well as her Pastor Father Ed Hislop who addresses the moral imperative for passing this legislation. A recent poll found that by a 33 point margin, voters support passing a pathway to citizenship through reconciliation.

“Passing a pathway to citizenship is an economic imperative and a moral imperative and it has broad support across the political spectrum,” said Todd Schulte, President of FWD.us. “Congress has the opportunity to finally do the right thing and strengthen our country by passing meaningful reforms to our immigration system and including a path to citizenship in the reconciliation package. This is our best opportunity in decades to get this done; the time to act is now.”

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