FWD.us Launches New TV and Digital Ad Urging Path to Citizenship

WASHINGTON, DC — On the first full day of President Joe Biden’s term, FWD.us is launching a new ad that will run online and on TV highlighting the urgent need and tremendous opportunity to make meaningful progress on immigration reform centered on a pathway to citizenship for the undocumented, which has overwhelming bipartisan support from the American people.

In the weeks and months ahead, we have an enormous opportunity: not only to rollback the worst assaults on immigrants and the immigration of the Trump administration, but to pass affirmative, transformative policy changes — including giving Dreamers a pathway to citizenship, TPS and farmworkers and other essential workers the same, to rebuild our asylum system and help separated families, to improve legal immigration avenue to the U.S., and more.

This starts with a series of executive actions and bill introductions—bills that we will work tirelessly to get signed into law. Ultimately, that is how we can secure a means pathway to citizenship for as undocumented immigrants, create a modern and working legal immigration system, and more.

The ad, which will run on national cable as well as digital platforms backed by a mid six-figure buy, highlights the new opportunity to build a country that works for everyone. Millions of immigrants are part of the essential workforce that has kept our country running throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and many of them are undocumented. Now is the time to build a humane, modern immigration system with a pathway to citizenship.

“We have a new opportunity. The time is now to build a humane, commonsense approach to immigration that keeps families safe and together – beyond merely undoing the terrible harms visited on immigrant families and communities that were relentlessly targeted by the Trump Administration using our all-too-easily weaponized immigration system,” said FWD.us President Todd Schulte. “We are heartened by President Biden and Vice President Harris’ early commitment to serious immigration reform with the introduction of The U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 as one of their first acts. The only way for America to fully recover is to do right by the millions of hardworking immigrants who have helped keep all of us safe and cared for us during the COVID-19 pandemic, and keep families safe and together. We have a new opportunity to strengthen America. The time to act is now.”

FWD.us has been running active campaigns nationally, and in states across the country, working with grassroots activists and community leaders to protect DACA for those who rely on it, while fighting for broader immigration reform centered on providing a pathway to citizenship for the undocumented community who are vital to our nation’s ability to respond and recover from the public health and economic crisis of COVID-19.

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