FWD.us Launches New National Ad Campaign Urging Congress to Pass Dream Act This Year

Congress Must Pass a Legislative Solution for Dreamers Before the End of the Year


WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us today launched a nationwide six-figure digital advertising campaign featuring four Dreamers from across the country, to pressure Congress to pass legislation to protect Dreamers before they go home for the holidays. The ads will run online in battleground districts and states, including Washington, Ohio and Texas.

The advertisements highlight the personal stories of Dreamers who earned work authorization and deportation protections through the DACA program, which was eliminated by President Trump earlier this year. The Dreamers in the ads are awaiting anxiously for lawmakers to pass a permanent legislative solution that would prevent them from being fired from their jobs, ripped from their families, and deported from the country they call home. Stories highlighted include:


Gloria Rinconi, a medical assistant at Texas Presbyterian Hospital who came to the U.S. as a one-year-old.
Maria Torres, a mechanical engineering student at Washington State University.
Irving Calderon, an IT business analyst at General Motors who moved to Texas as a seven-month-old baby.
Nathali Bertran, a mechanical engineer at Honda and co-founder of DACA Time, a non-profit software start-up that serves immigrants.


The ad buy comes as Congress is considering a year-end government funding deal, which could include funding for immigration enforcement in the interior of the United States. With the repeal of DACA, if protections for Dreamers are not passed this year, those funds could be used to deport Dreamers who will lose protection from deportation.


If Congress fails to pass and fully implement a permanent legislative solution by March 5, approximately1,700 Dreamers will lose their jobs every single business day between March 6 and November 6 of 2018. Nearly 800,000 individuals who are currently employed and contributing as productive members of the American workforce would lose their work authorization and could be fired over the course of two years.



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