FWD.us Highlights Chaos and Continuing Uncertainty for Dreamers in New Memo to Members of Congress

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, FWD.us sent a memo to Members of Congress highlighting the unstable environment that ongoing legal challenges and Congressional inaction have created for Dreamers. The memo, entitled “Severe Instability and Fragility of Protection for DACA Recipients,” highlights the reality that misleading press reports are obscuring critical facts surrounding the state of Dreamers, as well as the massive impact of Congressional inaction on Dreamers’ lives.


In January, federal court orders required USCIS to resume processing DACA renewal applications; while this development has allowed many Dreamers to extend their DACA authorizations, these protections are temporary, could end at any time, and do not provide the permanent solution Dreamers need to continue living, working, and contributing to the only country they call home.


Last week, after months of stalling, Congress missed the the March 5th deadline given by President Trump when he ended the DACA program six months earlier. For more than 22,000 DACA recipients, this has meant falling out of status, losing their previously valid work authorization, and being forced to leave their jobs. Congress must use the omnibus spending bill on March 23 as an opportunity to pass a permanent legislative solution for Dreamers. Dreamers are students, teachers, entrepreneurs, and engineers who make meaningful and substantial economic and cultural contributions to communities across the nation every day. Dreamers have waited in limbo for our elected leaders to do their job and take a vote.


The memo states: “As members of Congress, you can end this unnecessary limbo and provide a permanent legislative solution for Dreamers, once and for all. It is common sense that Congress cannot rely on the courts to protect Dreamers in the long-term and holds the responsibility to resolve this issue of national importance.”


Americans overwhelmingly support Dreamers and want Congress to pass a legislative solution that allows these hardworking individuals to continue working, living, and contributing to this country. For months, President Trump has repeatedly said that Dreamers have nothing to worry about. To end their uncertainty and fear, Members of Congress shouldn’t miss another opportunity to pass permanent legislative protections for Dreamers. Congress should vote on bipartisan legislation to protect Dreamers as soon as possible. They cannot afford to delay any longer.

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