FWD.us Commemorates Black History Month by Celebrating Black Leaders, Uplifting Racial Justice and Black Immigrant’s Rights Organizations

WASHINGTON, DC — FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement commemorating Black History Month:

“FWD.us is commemorating Black History Month by celebrating racial justice and Black Immigrant’s Rights organizations whose work has contributed to the progression of political and social justice movements in America. Throughout the month, FWD.us will work to uplift and support a few of the amazing organizations working to address the disparate and discriminatory ways Black people in particular are harmed by the U.S. immigration and criminal justice systems.

“Throughout history, Black leaders and activists have worked to address the myriad of ways Black people are inordinately affected by unjust systems in America. Their work has set the foundation for many modern-day movements, and FWD.us is honored to stand in their legacy and proud to continue to contribute to the work they began. The legacy of America and the fight for freedom is Black history, and we are committed to this battle not just throughout the month of February, but every day of the year.

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