FWD.us Calls On Governor Abbott to Stop Attacks On Immigrants; Urges New Steps for Biden Administration

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte released the following statement in strong opposition to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s inhumane and illegal immigration enforcement actions, which include placing razor wire buoys and other harmful measures along the U.S.-Mexico border:

“Governor Abbott’s decision to place razor wire buoys and other traps with saw blades to inflict extreme harm on people trying to migrate and seek asylum is both reprehensible and part of a pattern that is not about sensible border security, but rather to make migration more dangerous, chaotic and ultimately impossible across the board. We should be building safe, orderly migration pathways and a secure border–not taking these inhumane and chaos-inducing measures.

“It’s critical to understand these saw blades and buoys are being deployed along a legal assault against the Biden administration’s recent creation of safe and legal avenues for immigration that have shown tremendous progress in reducing unauthorized crossings between ports of entry. The lawsuits against parole programs, and renewed calls for the shutdown of the CBP One app, among others, only paint a grim picture exposing the true goal which is to sabotage any real effort to relieve pressure and depoliticize the border. This is not about sensible border security.

“It was a positive step to see the Biden administration take legal steps against some of these efforts. That said, the White House and the Department of Justice must take additional, urgent action against these unlawful and inhumane efforts; moreover, Customs and Border Patrol should in no way coordinate with Operation Lone Star. The way to stop a race to the bottom is with bold leadership — in this case, that means expanding legal pathways and fighting against these cruel policies.”

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