FWD.us Applauds Mississippi Lawmakers for Advancing Critical Criminal Justice Reform Legislation

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us Executive Director Zoë Towns issued the following statement after parole reform was extended for another three years by state legislators and Governor Tate Reeves:

“Mississippi lawmakers have made a resounding statement in favor of second chances by extending historic parole reform legislation passed in 2021, protecting this urgently needed policy for the next three years.

“In the face of recent and indefensible rollbacks in places like Louisiana and Oregon, Governor Reeves’ signature this week, was an important reminder that ongoing criminal justice reform is winnable even in otherwise divisive times and even in the states hardest hit by incarceration. We commend state leaders for heeding the overwhelming support of nearly 90% of voters who support parole reform in Mississippi.

“We celebrate with the many thousands of Mississippians who will have the chance to reduce excessively long prison terms and return home to their families and communities. Our work continues to build the bipartisan support necessary to protect and advance commonsense criminal justice reforms that we know can safely reduce incarceration and bring America closer to its promise.”

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