FWD.us announces first KEY VOTE on the “Rounds-King” bill in 5 years

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us has announced a Key Vote today, urging a “YES” vote on “The Immigration Security and Opportunity Act,” S.A. 1958 (Rounds-King).

The Immigration Security and Opportunity Act, S.A. 1958, introduced by Senators Rounds (R-SD) and King (I-ME) is a bipartisan compromise that will resolve an urgent crisis for Dreamers.

FWD.us is strongly urging every United States Senator who wants a solution to protect Dreamers to support this amendment:

“This legislation would provide nearly 2 million Dreamers with the permanent ability to live and work in this country without the daily fear of deportation. It would allow them to eventually earn citizenship. It would allow nearly 2 million young people who are Americans in every way but paperwork to live their lives in very regular and very extraordinary ways. Dreamers do not deserve to go through life spending their days counting down until the day when they will be expelled from the country that is their home, and to a country they may not remember. This amendment is a serious, meaningful compromise and this is a vote that will be remembered for years to come.”

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