The National Dignity for Families Fund (DFF) aims to restore the dignity of people and families seeking safety in the U.S. We work collectively with frontline partners to create an equitable immigration system that reflects the core values of America centered around dignity and belonging. The Fund centers frontline organizations and leaders in allocating resources into underserved places. 

Who we support –  The National Dignity for Families Fund provides resources for more than 60 non-profit efforts and leaders that advance the rights and wellbeing of people and families seeking safety. The majority of its funds go to organizations and efforts led by impacted communities, including Black, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, and Border Communities along the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Where we support – The National Dignity for Families Fund supports critical work across the U.S.-Mexico border and in under-resourced receiving communities including but not limited to Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, and Maryland.  

What we support – We understand that a holistic approach is required to positively impact people's lives now while creating lasting change. This means access to basic needs, infrastructure building, and generating public awareness and advocacy. 

The Fund’s work entails three core streams: 

  • SOLVE – Capacity Building: Through accompanying our partners in strengthening their internal and programmatic capacities e.g., hiring organizers, and language justice and power building for BIPOC communities. 
  • SERVE – Humanitarian Support: By funding key intersectional and deeply strategic humanitarian work e.g., shelter for medically vulnerable people, LGBTQ-led housing and mental health services, and Black-led legal services. 
  • IMAGINE – Advocacy & Litigation: Collectively we advance systemic change by investing in communications and advocacy work e.g. funding Indigenous-led advocacy across the U.S., and comms staff of Black-led organizations. 

*Our funding is being raised on an on-going basis. We do not have an endowment or a fixed budget. All resources that we mobilize are immediately moved equitably and transparently to frontline organizations and leaders.

A project of the Education Fund, Inc.