Ahead of SB 1808 / HB 1355 Vote, FWD.us Urges Florida House of Representatives to Reject Anti-Immigrant Legislation & Instead Protect Florida’s Growth & Safety

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Ahead of today’s vote in the Florida House of Representatives on SB 1808 / HB 1355, FWD.us State Immigration Director Ted Hutchinson issued the following statement in opposition to the proposed legislation:

“This legislation is an unnecessary attack on children seeking refuge and is a threat to Florida’s growth and safety. Not only will this legislation divert local resources to carry out federal immigration priorities, it will strip resources for children and other individuals seeking asylum. Especially in the midst of the ongoing pandemic and a housing crisis that is sweeping the state and nation, it is disappointing that the legislature is prioritizing political gamesmanship over what is best for the Sunshine State. As a country, we do not turn our back on children, immigrants, or each other – not during the Peter Pan Movement, and not now. There is broad opposition to SB 1808 / HB 1355, including objection from religious and business leaders throughout Florida. Immigrants helped to build Florida, and if we want to ensure our state can continue to grow and prosper, we need to ensure that immigrants are not only part of our past, but able to contribute to our future. It is imperative that our elected officials reject this harmful legislation.”

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