5 Immigration Questions That Deserve to be Answered in Tonight’s Town Hall Debates

President Trump’s immigration agenda has been one of the most dominant, polarizing and per public opinion most unpopular issues over the last four years, causing substantial human, economic, and political consequences. Miami-Dade county was supposed to be the site of the 2nd Presidential debate and with a population that is 53% foreign born, it would have been a great place for each candidate to be asked about the records on immigration, and plans for this important issue.

Despite this debate being canceled, the American people will hear from both candidates in separate town halls this evening, and deserve a discussion on immigration. Here are the five immigration questions we are hoping will be discussed tonight:

1. How will your immigration policies reflect the 74% of Americans in battleground states who support citizenship for undocumented immigrants?

2. Family separation at the border is one of the most cruel and devastating policy decisions of this Administration. What will you do to repair the harm done and allow asylum-seeking immigrants to safely and legally immigrate to the U.S.?

3. How will you ensure that DACA recipients and TPS holders – over a million people across the country – are able to continue living, working, and thriving in the communities many have been contributing to for decades? What will you do to protect their more than half a million U.S.-citizen children?

  • The majority of DACA recipients and TPS holders have lived in this country for over 20 years, relying on their work permits and protections under the programs to provide for their families and continue contributing to all of our communities. Many of these people have established roots and built families in this country for decades, only to be used as political bargaining chips by this Administration.
  • Multiple Federal courts – including the Supreme Court – and U.S. citizens across the political spectrum all agree that this Administration’s continuous attacks on DACA and TPS are not only politically unsalient, they have also cruelly and unnecessarily upturned the lives of roughly a million people and torn more than half a million U.S.-citizen children from their parents who are protected by these programs.
  • DACA recipients working as beloved educators in our school systems, essential workers on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic, and students seeking an opportunity to learn and grow have spent the last three years in a constant state of unrest, pouring into our communities and economy with little in return.

4. What will you do to reverse attacks on legal immigration avenues and their impact on all American families, especially considering the role millions of immigrants – including millions of undocumented individuals – continue to play in the public health response to and economic recovery from COVID-19?

  • In addition to enacting grave human injustices against millions of people, President Trump’s relentless attacks on the immigration system and visa programs have put at risk not only the economic prosperity of our families and economy, but the safety and security of our country.
  • This Administration’s attempts to restrict legal immigration – and remove millions of people from their jobs and communities – include proposals to end an immigration program for entrepreneurs and job creators, stripping spouses of H-1B visa holders of their ability to work, limiting the length of time international students can study in the U.S., and suspending Optional Practical Training (OPT) for international graduates.
  • Without immigrants of all statuses, the United States would be wholly unequipped to heal from the devastating impacts of coronavirus. If this Administration continues its relentless efforts to restrict visas and deport immigrants from our communities, we will see the impact across all industries — both during and outside of moments of global crisis.

5. What will you do to repair the harm caused by this Administration’s continuous attempts to gut the refugee and asylum programs, turning our back on hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people?

As a reminder, if you want to speak with people directly impacted by these issues, reach out to press@fwd.us and we can help connect you to people in your community.

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