Celebrating Freedom

This summer, join FWD.us in #CelebratingFreedom!

From Juneteenth to the Fourth of July, we’re reflecting on the freedom struggles that have defined this country. When America is moving towards fulfilling the best of our promises, we are a country moving towards more freedom and justice. For too long, our broken immigration and criminal justice systems have locked too many people out from the American dream and prevented us from reaching our full potential. Policies that perpetuate mass incarceration and put harsh restrictions on immigration destabilize families and communities and hold this country back.

In honor of Juneteenth and the Fourth of July, FWD.us will celebrate some of the people and policies working to hold this country accountable to its promise of liberty and justice for all and the wins that have reduced incarceration, brought and kept more people home with their families and expanded pathways to citizenship for immigrant communities. Learn more and join us in #CelebratingFreedom this summer. Check out and share the resources below that show the positive impacts of reform on American families and communities.

Featured Content

A Father's Freedom

Rob Rich reflects on fathering while incarcerated, the human toll of mass incarceration and why we must put People First in a moving interview.

This Summer: Celebrate Freedom for All

This year, FWD.us celebrates freedom and honors those carrying on the American legacy of everyday people fighting to hold this country accountable to itse promise of liberty and justice for all.

Fighting For Freedom

Summer is when we celebrate many of the fights for freedom that have and continue to define this country.