President Trump has just made clear he is willing to “do whatever [he] wants” when it comes to DACA, but that’s not what the law says and not what the Supreme Court told him last month.

The Trump Administration announced it was moving ahead on a two-step plan to kill DACA, while trying to somehow spin this as a moderate position. First, they will move to radically reduce DACA benefits, effective today. Second, they have set the stage to kill DACA in 2021 — or even later this year.

President Trump was acting in open defiance of the Supreme Court by refusing to accept new DACA applicants, and now is attacking Dreamers once again.

This is an abject moral and political failure, plain and simple.

Dreamers and their families deserve certainty and peace of mind. They are people with children, families, and jobs. Many are fighting on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, helping to save American lives.

Recent public polling showed the President is taking the position only held by 12 percent of Americans as a closing argument for his re-election. And given that the public is overwhelmingly opposed to ending DACA, the Administration is trying to spin to the press that this is somehow a moderate position. In fact, this position would result in deportations of nearly 700,000 DACA recipients beginning in a year.

He is responsible for the horror that is to come if Dreamers are cruelly separated from their families, ripped out of their communities, and deported from the only country most of them have ever known. The President should not embark on another moral and politically terrible effort to attack Dreamers and declare war on American values.

We need to ensure Dreamers can stay in the only country they’ve ever known as home without fear of deportation because their home is here.

Contact a key senator and the President today and demand they take immediate action to help protect DACA recipients.