According to the Associated Press, the Trump Administration is detaining asylum-seeking children and families in hotels along the southern border before expelling them without due process.

Some of these kids are as young as one, and all crossed the border into the United States to request asylum. Instead of welcoming these kids and taking care of them — as required by law — The Trump Administration violates their rights by holding them at undisclosed locations and blocking lawyers from offering them legal support, which they are legally required to provide them.

When the Texas Civil Rights Project uncovered this cruel operation, the Trump Administration’s subcontractors refused to allow access to the detained kids, shoving one of their lawyers in an elevator.

These children are coming to the United States to seek safety, but the Administration is treating them inhumanely by robbing them of their rights and expelling them to countries where they may be kidnapped, orphaned, or killed. This is to say nothing about holding them in undisclosed locations, potentially exposing these children to COVID-19.

The Trump Administration is using the coronavirus pandemic as a pretext to expedite the removal of these children and shut down the asylum system. Every single one of these children deserve to be safe and have the ability to seek asylum, but the Administration is instead putting their lives at risk for shameless political reasons.

Instead of traumatizing little kids and exposing them to a deadly virus, ICE should follow the law and protect vulnerable immigrants coming to the United States for protection. They must let legal advocates know where the children are and restore their rights.

In lieu of real leadership from the White House, Congress should exercise oversight to protect asylum seekers, including children from the pain and misery being caused by ICE at the border.