A Pathway to Citizenship

The Time is Now for a Pathway to Citizenship

The Senate will soon vote on a budget resolution with long-awaited immigration reforms. This process will require 50 votes; it is therefore absolutely critical that every senator hear from us now. Every senator needs to know that we must keep a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and others in this bill.

A pathway to citizenship for Dreamers is overwhelmingly popular with a super-majority of Americans, including a majority of Republican voters. The American public has made up its mind and strongly supports getting this done.

A recent meeting between President Biden and key lawmakers was an important step toward a pathway to citizenship, with the White House expressing “their strong support for including immigration reform in upcoming reconciliation legislation to enable Dreamers, TPS recipients, farmworkers, and essential workers to gain long-awaited pathways to citizenship.”

Right now, Americans expect Congress to deliver on promises and pass a pathway to citizenship to keep families safe and together, and ensure vital members of our communities and economy are able to fully contribute to the response and recovery from COVID-19.

This is the year. Call your senator today and let them know you support a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, TPS holders, farmworkers, and essential workers.

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