Lawmakers are considering legislation that would address a pressing issue in New York State: the need for undocumented residents to apply and become licensed and insured drivers.

This measure would grant undocumented New Yorkers an opportunity to go through the same steps for a driver’s license as all other New Yorkers. This includes taking a driver’s education course, passing a driving test, and providing proof of New York State residency.

Here is how all of New York State would benefit from this measure:

Undocumented New Yorkers become licensed and insured drivers, and New York State would gain financially — receiving an estimated $57 million in combined annual revenues, and $26 million in one-time revenues.

It would also mean greater safety on New York State’s roads, and would free up law enforcement officials to concentrate on real public safety priorities rather than helping the Trump Administration separate families on their way to school or the doctor’s office.

Legislation allowing undocumented New Yorkers to apply for a driver’s license is common-sense policy that would make New York State both safer and more prosperous.

Take a moment to call four key New York State Senators who can help pass legislation that ensures that undocumented New Yorkers can earn an opportunity to apply for a driver’s license.