Georgia lawmakers are introducing common-sense legislation that would grow Georgia’s economy and workforce while making the dream of higher education a reality for students across the state.

Under this measure, hardworking young people, including Georgia’s DACA recipients, who have resided in the state since 2013 and can provide proof of legal presence in the United States would benefit from tuition equity at certain institutions of higher education.

This proposal would boost the number of Georgians who have access to higher education, increase state earnings, and lower the unemployment rate. It would also allow Georgia to retain the talents and contributions of 21,000 DACA recipients, who currently contribute $61 million in state and local taxes annually, and allow them to use their education to build a stronger and more prosperous Georgia by filling gaps in key industries such as education, health care, and information technology.

We are grateful to lawmakers in the state legislature for their leadership on introducing legislation that would provide a better education for the next generation of Georgians.

Ask State Lawmakers to boost Georgia’s economy by making higher education accessible to all Georgia students.