WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us Vice President for Advocacy Alida Garcia issued the following statement on the latest Biden-Harris Administration’s Executive Action developments on border, asylum, refugee processes, and legal immigration:

“We are encouraged by the additional details provided today by the Biden Administration on the steps they will take to begin processing people into the U.S. who have been trapped in MPP. Each day that passes is a day that the United States is keeping people in desperate need of humanitarian relief at risk of irreparable and fatal human consequences. Tens of thousands of asylum seekers and children fleeing violence and persecution have already waited more than 2 years in Mexico to make their asylum claims, and many more have been deported, or blocked from accessing legal humanitarian relief. Today’s announcement represents an important step forward to ensuring these people and families are able to make legal claims for humanitarian relief that they have been denied for far too long. We encourage the Biden Administration to swiftly provide additional steps to ensure we build a humane asylum system for all who are impacted, including those left out of MPP altogether, that gives people their legal right to apply for asylum.

“At the same time, we call on the Administration to stop the deportation of Black asylum seekers to Haiti and elsewhere that have been reported in recent days. Efforts to protect the populations most harmed by the Trump Administration’s immigration policies should not be confined to those impacted by MPP, and the continued removal of predominantly Black immigrants, many of whom have also been denied access to legal humanitarian relief, must end immediately.”