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Be a Voice for Reform On Your Campus

Join Students Across the Country Advocating for Immigration Reform

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Our university program brings together college and university students, faculty, and staff from across the country to advance immigration reform.

We provide resources for students, faculty, and staff to engage in successful immigration-related advocacy on campus and influence what’s happening in Washington, DC. Join us to stay up to date on the latest political developments and get involved in advocacy campaigns being run across the country.

Here’s how you and your school can get involved

Schedule a training with us and learn how you can get involved in immigration reform advocacy on campus.

Become part of our rapid response team

Join a network that activates at critical moments to mobilize your campus community to defend immigrants.

Advocate to your lawmakers & elected officials

Learn the basics of lobbying your elected officials — including how to leverage your power as a student!


Advocates Pushing For Commonsense Reform

These supporters of immigration reform know America is stronger when everyone has the opportunity to contribute.

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