You may have heard how several Senators are holding funding for Ukraine hostage to demand extreme, anti-immigrant provisions. It is not an exaggeration to say these demands, collectively, would amount to the most restrictive anti-immigrant legislation in a century.

The 6 policy proposals being demanded include:

  • Unilateral So-called “Safe Third Country” Asylum Transit Bans
  • National Expulsion & Visa Suspension Authority (“An Expansion of Title 42”)
  • Elimination of Nearly All Immigration Parole Authority
  • (Near) Mandatory Incarceration of All People/Families Seeking Asylum, Leading to Remain in Mexico
  • Mass Expansion of Expedited Removal to Everyone into the Interior
  • Numerical Caps on Asylum & Mandates on Asylum Refusal 

We’re working hard to prevent them from succeeding, but we need your help today. Call your Senator today and ask them to prevent these immigration restrictions from happening and keep families together.