A new report from our partners at the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) on Senate Bill 704 highlights what we know to be true: SB 704 would safely reduce Oklahoma’s prison population. SB 704 would help end decades long sentences for many nonviolent offenses. This reform will save $137 million in taxpayer dollars and reunite families.

Share this report with your lawmaker and let them know you support passing criminal justice reform measures this year. Oklahomans need SB 704.

Oklahoma spends over half a billion dollars a year on its prison system and hands down some of the harshest sentences in the country for drug and property offenses. These long prison sentences aren’t making Oklahomans any safer. While some progress has been made on criminal justice reform, Oklahoma needs to do more to prioritize public safety, taxpayer savings, and support for Oklahoma communities. 

Your legislator needs to hear from you now. Please send them OCPA’s report to show the difference that SB 704 can make in Oklahoma.