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The university program elevates students' voices on federal policies and provides a space for them to revolutionize the way technology influences politics. We work with students around the country providing the resources and training for them to innovate, advocate, and engage with their elected officials.We're excited to support the great work students are doing and can't wait for you to join us.

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Ali Procopio
University Program Director,


Recognizing Immigrant Contributions

I am an immigrant. I know this. I live it. Everyday. As we draw closer to Election Day, there has been a lot of talk about the challenges those of us as immigrants face. This is true, we face many. We should also empower… Read More

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Stanford Entrepreneurs Launch Startup to Offer U.S. Immigrants Opportunity to Transfer Credit History

Nova Credit, a cross-border consumer credit reporting startup backed by Y Combinator, Pejman Mar Ventures, and StartX, made their official product launch today. Nova began as a collaboration among recent Stanford graduates and immigrant entrepreneurs Misha Esipov, Nicky Goulimis, and Loek Janssen. Misha, Nicky, and Loek recognized… Read More

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Yanet’s Story and the Continued #FightforFamilies

Last week, the Supreme Court broke my heart. I was born in Puebla, Mexico and I am the daughter of two undocumented immigrants. On June 23rd the Supreme Court issued a split ruling in the United States v. Read More

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Push4Reform Contact your Representative

Where does your representative stand on immigration reform? Using our tool, you can quickly and easily find your rep's stance on immigration reform, and then directly contact him or her to encourage their support for reform.

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