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A diverse city with a very rich history, San Francisco has been an immigrant gateway ever since the famous California Gold Rush. In 1860, half of the city’s residents were immigrants, and today immigrants account for 35% of the population. San Franciscans are well aware of our broken immigration system and it is here that we have one of our strongest chapters.

Chapter Leaders


Sara Orton
Northern California Organizing Associate,


Brian Goldsmith
Co-Head, Seedrs America
James Hong
CEO, Hot or Not
Rick Marini
Serial Entrepeneur, BranchOut
Hermant Taneja
Managing Director, General Catalyst
Greg Tseng
CEO, if(we)
Josh Wiseman
VP of Product, Remind
Ian Rountree
General Manager, The Mascot & Angel Investor
Tali Rapaport
VP of Product, Lyft
Will Harlan
Founder, The Mascot


Rishi Misra
Manager, Archimedes Clinical Analytics
Michael Lyons
Head of Marketing & Growth, Swaggable
Andrew Goldstein
Data Scientist, URX


Aditya Agarwal
VP of Engineering, Dropbox
Garret Camp
Founder, Expa
Brian Chesky
CEO & Co-founder, Airbnb
Ron Conway
Special Advisor, SV Angel
John Fisher
Chairman of the Board, KIPP
Drew Houston
Dropbox, Founder & CEO
Chad Hurley
CEO & Founder, AVOS
Max Levchin
Co-Founder and Chairman, PayPal & Yelp
Andrew Mason
Co-founder, Groupon
Dave Morin
Co-founder & CEO, Path
Mark Pincus
CEO, Zynga
Ruchi Sanghvi
VP Operations, Dropbox

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