Poll By 10 Prominent GOP Pollsters Shows Americans Overwhelmingly Support Action On Immigration

Today, a group of 10 GOP polling firms – collectively representing the majority of federal elected Republican officeholders – presented two new surveys in a unique project bringing together 10 of the biggest GOP polling firms in the country. The surveys include new data on general election and Hispanic voter attitudes around immigration reform, and clearly demonstrate that Americans overwhelmingly believe America’s immigration system is broken and that Congress must take immediate action to fix it. The surveys overwhelmingly demonstrate that Republicans have a real opportunity to pass immigration reform, and clearly spell out that they can and must do so.


Key takeaways from the new data include the following:

  • Supporting immigration reform is not a liability for Republicans in a primary
  • If Republicans fail to pass immigration reform, the consequences are severe
  • Strong support for reform exists because voters across the political spectrum – including 3 in 4 Tea Party conservatives – do not view current immigration reform proposals as “amnesty”

Pollsters participating in the poll included American Viewpoint’s Linda DiVall and Randy Gutermuth; Basswood Research’s Jon Lerner; GS Strategy Group’s Greg Strimple and Brooks Kochvar; Moore Information’s Hans Kaiser; North Star Opinion Research’s Whit Ayres, Jon McHenry and Dan Judy; The Polling Company’s Kellyanne Conway; Public Opinion Strategies’ Neil Newhouse; The Tarrance Group’s Brian Tringali and BJ Martino; The Winston Group’s David Winston and Myra Miller; and WPA Opinion Research’s Chris Perkins.

The poll shows that Americans support comprehensive immigration reform. After hearing about a reform proposal that would increase border patrol, require employers to verify legal status of employees, create a guest-worker program and establish a pathway for legal status for the 11 million undocumented immigrants, 71 percent of Americans offer their support, with 32 percent strongly supporting the proposal. In fact, Republicans supported the proposal by even higher margins, with 81 percent support and 39 percent strong support.

“This poll validates what we have long believed: Americans of all parties know that we must fix our broken immigration system with a real plan,” said Rob Jesmer, campaign manager of FWD.us. “We join the majority of Americans represented by this poll in calling on Congress to take action immediately and pass reform.”

Support for immigration reform could have a substantive effect at the polls in November. According to the poll, a Republican candidate supporting this immigration proposal increased their margin of support from +7 to +38. That increased support is seen across several important demographics, from Democrats and independents to moderates to independent women to younger voters.

Republican pollster Whit Ayres added, “This is a pattern – Republican candidates who have campaigned strongly on immigration reform have won difficult primaries across the country. The data is clear: strong support for reform provisions exists from voters across the political spectrum.”

Among the specific policy issues addressed in the poll, there was broad support across parties for E-Verify and the DREAM Act. Voters polled also rejected deportation as a viable option for fixing our immigration system, supporting instead either “legal status” or “citizenship.” Also, while voters opposed “amnesty,” a majority of those polled, including a majority of Republicans, did not believe the plan discussed could be defined as “amnesty.”

The poll was conducted from May 17-23 and measured 800 national registered voters, 505 national Republican voters, 600 registered voters in Arizona, Florida and Texas and 400 registered voters in California.


Posted by Kate Hansen on 06/11/2014