A Year in Donald Trump’s Incoherent Anti-Immigrant Demagoguery

Posted by FWD.us on 06/15/2016

A Month-By-Month Look

A year ago today Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign. Over the past year, Trump has spouted off a series of absurd proposals, united only by his incoherent anti-immigrant demagoguery that is without precedent in modern history. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee has spent the past 12 months presenting unrealistic policies that demonize America’s immigrant heritage – and we hope that Republicans come together to reject and fight back against these ridiculous “plans.”

The proposed policies are impractical and out of touch with the views of most Americans. Moreover, they are a stark departure from the majority of Republican primary voters, who support a legalization process for the approximately 11.3 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States and reject Trump’s mass deportation plans.

Just minutes into his June 2015 campaign kickoff speech, Trump described all Mexicans as “rapists” and criminals who bring drugs to the United States. His promise to use a “deportation force” to arrest, detain and forcibly evict 11.3 million undocumented immigrants is out of line with conservative voices, most of whom reject mass deportation in favor of sensible reform.

The idea that the United States would be best served by eliminating the 14th amendment’s guarantee of birthright citizenship and revoking the citizenship of and then expelling roughly 3 million U.S.-born American citizens to countries they’ve never lived is just wrong. In addition, Trump has suggested implementing a religious test and a total ban on Muslims entering the United States, adding this week that he would ban immigrants from entire regions based on their religion.

Trump is out of step with the American electorate on immigration reform. Exit polls continue to show that his unrealistic policies are having a disastrous impact on critical voting blocs, with more than 89 percent of Latino voters holding an unfavorable view of the Trump campaign. At the end of the day, the anti-immigrant rhetoric espoused month after month of Trump’s candidacy has proven detrimental beyond repair.

Below are a collection of some of the nonsensical policies and plans espoused by the Trump camp since the campaign launched in June 2015:

One Year of Trump

ICYMI: 60% of Wisconsin Registered Voters Support A Pathway To Citizenship

Posted by FWD.us on 06/15/2016

ICYMI: 60% of Wisconsin Registered Voters Support A Pathway To Citizenship // Marquette University Law School Poll // June 15, 2015

Recent polling from Marquette University shows that 60% of Wisconsin registered voters support a pathway to citizenship for the 11.3 million undocumented immigrants living in America. This new poll continues to show dwindling support for Trump’s ‘absurd’ and ‘awful’ proposals for the mass deportation as we move closer and closer to the general election. It’s clear — voters support a pathway to citizenship.

Key Finding:

“Sixty percent of registered voters favor an eventual path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants currently in the U.S., while 18 percent prefer a permanent guest worker status and 17 percent say these immigrants should be required to leave the country.

Full polling methodology, details, and results can be viewed here.


Posted by Todd Schulte on 06/13/2016

Washington, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte released the following statement today following Donald Trump’s latest round of awful anti-immigrant demagoguery:

“Donald Trump champions the most incoherent and awful anti-immigrant ‘plans’ of any leader in modern American history. Every elected official, regardless of party, should categorically reject these ridiculous proposals right now. Full stop.”

What are the pillars of Trump’s anti-American, anti-immigrant proposals?

  • Referring to Mexicans as “rapists” – not even two minutes into his campaign kickoff speech – and engaging in what has been called “textbook racism” by stating that an Indiana-born U.S. citizen federal judge cannot be objective due to his Mexican heritage.
  • Repeatedly championing a mass deportation “plan” to round up 11 million undocumented immigrants, and doing so in 18 months – which would cost at least $600 billion in new spending. Trump has never once explained how he would pay for his “deportation force.”
  • Revoking 14th Amendment constitutional rights to citizenship for roughly 3 million U.S.-born American citizens, and deporting these individuals, as well. Unsurprisingly, Trump has never explained how he would do this, either.
  • Creating a “deportation force” to “round up” a total of nearly 15 million people, a population the size of 14 U.S. states.
  • Implementing a religious test and a total ban on Muslims entering the United States, and adding today that he would ban immigrants from entire regions. Again, Trump has never explained how he would do this, how he would get around the Constitution, or answered the universal critiques from respected national security voices.
  • Screaming repeatedly at rallies that he will make Mexico pay for a wall, and then laughing to reporters about how he uses this rhetoric to fire up his crowds.
  • Promising repeatedly to restrict and essentially eliminate high-skilled immigration, which would deal a devastating blow to our economy.

Todd Schulte Quote


Staffing Up As The 2016 Race Heats Up

Posted by Todd Schulte on 05/27/2016

Today, FWD.us is excited to announce two key hires that add considerable strength and depth to our growing team ahead of the 2016 election and a push to pass immigration reform through Congress in early 2017.

First, tech for good powerhouse Cammie Croft is joining FWD.us as Managing Director of FWD.us’ San Francisco Office and Chief Community Officer. Cammie will be developing and executing growth strategies that increase FWD.us’ impact. She will also help further build our vibrant community integrating best-in-class digital and technology, as well as creative storytelling strategies.

A nationally-recognized social good and technology strategist, Cammie most recently served as a Deputy Executive Director at Amnesty International USA, where she led the organization’s efforts to infuse technology into its advocacy initiatives. She previously built cutting-edge digital campaigns for some of the world’s most recognized advocacy and public-service brands including the White House, the U.S. Department of Energy and the Obama campaign. She’s been a featured speaker at SXSW, DrupalCon, and Harvard Business School, among others.

When your goal is to pass immigration reform, you need the best in the business and Cammie is just that – we are thrilled to leverage her expertise to achieve our goal of passing immigration reform through Congress in 2017 right out the gate.

Secondly, we have added Leezia Dhalla as Communications Associate. Leezia brings a breadth of public relations expertise, where she will play a critical role on our communications team. A Northwestern journalism graduate and the daughter of African immigrants, Leezia comes from Rackspace, where she was a speechwriter and led the speakers bureau program. She is a longtime reporter whose work has been published in The Washington Post, the San Antonio Express-News and The Denver Post, among others.She will work with Communications Director Michael Rekola

We are excited to welcome Cammie and Leezia to the FWD.us team.