ICYMI - Exclusive Poll: Support for DACA key to victory in midterm Senate races in Arizona, Nevada, Tennessee

Posted by FWD.us Press on 04/26/2018

Support for protecting Dreamers from deportation could be the key to victory for vulnerable Republicans looking to hold their Senate seats in Arizona, Nevada and Tennessee during the upcoming midterm elections, according to a new Axios poll released today. The poll shows that “DACA is the biggest warning sign for Republicans,” with 64 percent of registered voters across all three states supporting protections for Dreamers. Roughly 71 percent “support offering immigrants a chance to apply for citizenship rather than deporting them.”

Earlier this week, a third federal judge rejected the Trump Administration’s decision to end the DACA program, saying that the manner in which DACA was repealed was improper. An overwhelming majority of Americans — 86 percent — support passing legislation to permanently shield Dreamers from deportation. Only Congress can act to protect these young people.

Axios // Alexi McCammond // Exclusive poll: GOP Senate seats threatened in Arizona, Nevada
Exclusive poll: GOP Senate seats threatened in Arizona, Nevada


Democrats have a real shot at winning two of the three Senate seats where Republicans are most vulnerable in the midterm elections, according to a new Axios/SurveyMonkey poll.

The bottom line: The poll provides new evidence that Republicans’ hold on the Senate may not be as solid as it once looked. Democrats could win the open Arizona seat and possibly defeat Republican incumbent Dean Heller in Nevada. The third race, in Tennessee, is a statistical tie.

Why it matters: Losing both the House and the Senate to Democrats would be a clear repudiation of President Trump and his brand of Republicanism, as Axios’ Mike Allen writes. And Democrats have been clearly outperforming in the special elections since Trump became president.

Yes, but: The overall Senate map in this election still favors the GOP, and an earlier Axios/SurveyMonkey poll showed five Senate Democrats could lose their seats to Republicans. Democrats need to keep the Senate seats they have and gain two more to take control of the Senate.

DACA is the biggest warning sign for Republicans: 64% of voters across all three states support protections for immigrants brought illegally to the U.S. as children, and 71% support offering immigrants a chance to apply for citizenship rather than deporting them.

They won’t get traction on health care, either: Roughly half of voters in all three states want to fix the Affordable Care Act “so it works better.” Only about three in 10 want to repeal it.

One sign of hope for Republicans: Despite their vulnerability in these states, nearly half of all voters in the three states think the economy is better off today than it was a year ago.

Methodology: These SurveyMonkey/Axios online polls were conducted April 2- April 23, 2018 among a total sample of 1,667 registered voters living in Arizona, 1,332 registered voters living in Nevada, and 1,639 registered voters living in Tennessee. Respondents were selected from the nearly 3 million people who take surveys on the SurveyMonkey platform each day. The modeled error estimate is 4 percentage points for Arizona, 5 percentage points for Nevada, and 4 percentage points for Tennessee. Crosstabs available here.

FWD.us Statement on Signing of Oklahoma Justice Reform Bills

Posted by FWD.us Press on 04/26/2018

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us Senior Director of Criminal Justice Reform Zoë Towns issued the following statement today following Governor Mary Fallin’s signing of key justice reform bills in Oklahoma:

“We applaud Governor Mary Fallin for signing a package of urgently-needed reforms to Oklahoma’s criminal justice system. We congratulate legislative leaders who championed these bills, including Senate President Mike Schulz (R), House Speaker Charles McCall (R), Representative Terry O’Donnell (R), Senator Greg Treat (R), Senator Wayne Shaw (R), Rep. Chris Kannady (R), and Rep. Ben Loring (D).

“Today, Governor Fallon announced that Oklahoma has recently surpassed Louisiana to become the highest incarcerating state in the nation. In addition to being the highest incarcerator, for years Oklahoma has imprisoned more women per capita than any other state. With the signing of the Justice Reform Task Force bills today, Governor Fallin and Oklahoma lawmakers have demonstrated Oklahoma’s commitment to correcting course and establishing a smarter, more fair, and more effective criminal justice system.

“The bills signed today will build safer communities and stronger families by reducing sentences for nonviolent offenses, making sure people who comply with their in-prison case plans are released on parole, and halting the practice of imprisoning people who cannot afford to pay fines and fees. These reforms are projected to reduce the prison population by 4,851 people over the next 10 years.

“Governor Fallin has demonstrated strong leadership in advancing criminal justice reform. In light of today’s announcement that Oklahoma is now the top incarcerating state, we strongly urge Oklahoma lawmakers to continue to make criminal justice reform a priority. FWD.us is eager to continue our work alongside a broad network of in-state and national partners to build on this progress.”

FWD.us Statement on New DACA Federal Court Ruling

Posted by FWD.us Press on 04/24/2018

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement today on a new DACA federal court ruling:

“While tonight’s ruling is welcome news for Dreamers and again affirms that the manner in which DACA was repealed was improper, here is the truth: 86 percent of Americans want Congress to do its job and permanently protect Dreamers. No one deserves to live their life court case to court case, injunction to injunction or in two-year increments. Congress can and should solve all of this at any time – and truly this could happen tomorrow – by taking just one hour to allow a vote on a series of immigration bills.”

ICYMI: In New Report, FWD.us Examines Harmful Economic Consequences of Attacks to Legal Immigration

Posted by FWD.us Press on 04/24/2018

Today, FWD.us today released a new report examining the harmful economic consequences of recent attacks to legal immigration. Titled “The Case for Protecting Legal Immigration Against Recent Attacks,” the report details the intentional effort by the current administration and some Members of Congress to make immigration harder and more burdensome with the goal of reducing overall legal immigration. It dives into recent regulatory and policy reforms, all of which have made it more difficult for individuals who want to contribute to the U.S. to enter the country legally, and for individuals already here to stay and continue serving our communities.

The policy changes are varied in nature, but they are all likely to have profoundly negative impacts on the U.S. economy. Eliminating avenues for individuals who want to create American jobs and grow the economy to immigrate to the United States would devastate economic growth, causing as much as a two percent drop in GDP by 2040, and by making 4.6 million fewer jobs available. Moreover, these new proposals contradict our nation’s heritage as a country that welcomes immigrants, and would deny American families the opportunity to reunite with their loved ones.

In addition to the release of the report, FWD.us held a press call with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Cato Institute on the impact of cutting our legal immigration system. Below please find quotes from call participants:

“Efforts to cut our legal immigration system exacerbate an already-broken system and keep the U.S. at an economic disadvantage. We must begin the hard but crucial work of sensible reform to ensure that immigration remains a driver of our economy and America’s unique competitive advantage for generations to come.” —Todd Schulte, President, FWD.us

“Efforts to cut legal immigration create a substantial amount of uncertainty for companies across a range of industries. The potential disruptions would be costly to employers, the local communities where these businesses are located, the American workers employed by those businesses, and the economy as a whole. We will continue to advocate for policies that promote economic growth and job creation in the U.S.” —Jon Baselice, Director of Immigration Policy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

“The economic consensus is that immigrants and temporary visitors are a significant economic benefit to the United States. This conclusion reflects the view that see people as human capital, one of the essential elements of economic growth.” —David Bier, Immigration Policy Analyst, Cato Institute

“As a physicist and entrepreneur, the best way for me to actively contribute to the advancement of science and technology in the United States is by leveraging my expertise. Eliminating work authorization for roughly 100,000 H-4 visa holders, most of whom are educated women like me, will hurt our country and have negative consequences on tens of thousands of American families. We must protect legal immigration channels that will help the U.S. remain at the forefront of innovation for generations to come.” —Dr. Maria Navas-Moreno, Co-Founder of Lever Photonics and an H-4 visa holder