FWD.us Statement on 10-State Coalition Threatening to Sue to End DACA

Posted on 06/29/2017

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement today on the letter sent from 9 State Attorneys General and the Governor of Idaho threatening to sue the Federal Government to end DACA

“President Trump has stated he intends to protect Dreamers. We hope he takes this opportunity to make clear he opposes this attack from 9 members of his own party that would undermine his stated intention.

The consequences of repealing DACA would be severe and profound.  Let’s be clear: this effort to repeal DACA would eliminate the ability of 800,000 of our best and brightest young people to legally work in this country and put each and every one of them at immediate risk of deportation. It is an assault not only on the basic rights of these Dreamers and to the millions of their family, friends and coworkers, but on the promise our nation made to them.

FWD.us will fight tirelessly to protect DACA and the 800,000 Dreamers who can fully contribute to this country because of this transformational program.”

FWD.us Statement on House Votes on “No Sanctuary for Criminals” and the new “Kate’s Law”

Posted on 06/29/2017

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement today opposing two pieces of immigration-related legislation, “No Sanctuary for Criminals” and “Kate’s Law,” that are expected to be voted on in the House today:

“For years, the House has said it wants to address the aspects of our immigration system in desperate need of reform, but again this week we see another example of a years long pattern of bringing nothing but more enforcement-only bills to a vote. Both of these bills will make us less safe, not more. They would force more tax-dollars to be spent arresting, jailing or deporting immigrants whose only violation is their immigration status.

These bills are not the reform we need: they will not modernize a decades-out-of-date legal visa system to ensure we can lead the global economy in the 21st century and will not pair actual effective border security with creating a pathway to citizenship that allows undocumented immigrants who pass a background check to earn citizenship over a period of time.

Kate Steinle’s murder was a terrible tragedy that no family should ever, ever go through; and our system at the state, local and federal level failed. This version of “Kate’s Law” has seen substantial revisions, including the removal of incredibly harmful mandatory minimums for immigration violations. This new bill, however, still results in too many people being imprisoned for nonviolent offenses, many others deported who present no public safety threat, and puts communities in opposition to law enforcement and needlessly under fear of deportation.

While these are presented as public safety bills, leading law enforcement has made very clear, that they oppose these bills and that it will hurt public safety.  The Fraternal Order of Police opposed the “No Sanctuary for Criminals” legislation, and law enforcement from around the country continue to oppose both of these bills. If passed, this bill will threaten funding actually critical to public safety, including the Violent Gang and Gun Crime Reduction Program, the COPS Anti-Heroin Task Force, the Port Security Grant Program and the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative, which works to reduce rape kit backlogs nationwide – to name only a few.  

We agree with law enforcement that they should focus on those individuals who present an actual threat to public safety and national security. Congress should bring forward legislation to address every aspect of our broken immigration system – there is no reason to wait.”

FWD.us Statement on North Carolina Raise the Age Provision

Posted by FWD.us Press on 06/28/2017

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement today as North Carolina raises the age of juvenile court jurisdiction from 15 to 17:

“We congratulate North Carolina legislators on both sides of the aisle for raising the age of juvenile jurisdiction to 17 for those charged with misdemeanors and lower level felonies. This is an important first step in catching North Carolina up to the rest of the country and following the extensive research that has long confirmed that prosecuting youth in the adult criminal justice system results in poor outcomes for these children and for public safety.

“Public safety experts and advocates from across the political spectrum have lobbied to raise the age in North Carolina for many years. We applaud their commitment and we hope this common sense and research-backed criminal justice reform is followed by many more.”

FWD.us is proud to have aided North Carolina’s Raise the Age effort with government relations support.

FWD.us Commends Governor Jerry Brown and Legislature for Enacting Fair Representation in Court for All Californians

Posted by FWD.us Press on 06/27/2017

SACRAMENTO — FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement today as Governor Brown signed the State Budget, which includes funding to ensure fair legal representation for California’s immigrants:

“FWD.us commends Governor Jerry Brown, the State Legislature and organizations like the California Immigrant Policy Center and California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance who have worked tirelessly to uphold our shared American values and protect the rights of all Californians with this funding in the State Budget, which will provide access to legal aid for immigrants who are detained or tried in court. Now, more than ever, every state has a responsibility to uphold the constitutional rights of those within its borders, which includes the right to fair due process under the law. Whether the accused is native-born or an immigrant, they have a right to legal counsel before a judgment is rendered.

As the state that’s home to one in every four immigrants living in the U.S. – as well as the sixth largest economy in the world – California is acutely aware of the enormous contributions of immigrants to the lives of all Californians, and to their economy. While we continue our work to fix our broken immigration system by passing commonsense legislative reform through Congress, we are heartened by California taking this crucial step to protect the constitutional rights for the estimated ten million immigrants within its borders.”


This year, the State Legislature passed budget legislation Assembly Bill 105, authorizing $45 million in funding for the Department of Social Services to contract with nonprofit legal service organizations to provide legal counsel and services to California immigrants in need.