FWD.us Statement on the Launch of the Coalition for the American Dream

Posted by FWD.us Press on 10/26/2017

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement today on the launch of the Coalition for the American Dream:


“FWD.us is proud to partner with so many important leaders in the business community to push to protect Dreamers. There are only two paths forward: either Congress can act now and pass urgent legislation like the Dream Act, or our nation will be responsible for forcing 800,000 out of their jobs, subjecting them to immediate deportation, and using the very information they gave to the government in good faith to find, arrest and deport them. Congress should listen to these important business voices and pass legislation to protect Dreamers before the end of the year.”


Below please find the press release announcing the Coalition for the American Dream.


CONTACT: Brian Walsh
October 26, 2017


Coalition for the American Dream Launches in Support of Dreamers
Leading Businesses, Trade Associations & Other Organizations Come Together in Support of Permanent Legislative Solution This Year


WASHINGTON DC – Over 60 top businesses, trade associations and other organizations that collectively represent virtually every industry supporting the American economy, today announced a new coalition in support of bipartisan legislation that gives Dreamers a permanent solution this year.


In addition to reaching out and meeting with Capitol Hill lawmakers in the days ahead, the new Coalition for the American Dream is also launching a national digital ad campaign and published a full-page ad in POLITICO today. A copy of the ad is included below and you can also view it by clicking here but it reads in part:


“Without an immediate, permanent legislative solution, roughly 800,000 Dreamers who are working, going to school, and serving in our nation’s military will lose their ability to work and study legally, will be forced from their jobs, and will be subject to immediate deportation from the country they grew up in. If Congress fails to act, our economy could lose $215 billion from the national GDP in Social Security and Medicare tax contributions.


“President Trump has recognized the need for action, saying that ‘hopefully now Congress will be able to help’ Dreamers.


“There are many aspects of our immigration system that need reform – and on which we may not agree. But we all know that Dreamers are important to the future of our companies and our economy.”


For on-the-record quotes from Coalition members regarding today’s launch, please visit: https://www.coalitionfortheamericandream.us/what-they-are-saying/


For any additional information and for full membership, please visit: coalitionfortheamericandream.us
Finally, please  view today’s full-page ad in POLITICO

ICYMI: New Estimates Show Dream Act Could Add $1 Trillion to U.S. Economy Over 10 Years

Posted by FWD.us Press on 10/26/2017

The Center for American Progress today released new state-by-state data showing the economic impact of passing the Dream Act. The data includes estimated GDP increases on state and federal levels and provides a breakdown of DACA-eligible workers in the U.S. in particular industries.

Below please find a press release from the Center for American Progress with key highlights. Thank you.

RELEASE: New CAP Analysis Estimates State- and Industry-Level Economic Impact of Passing the Dream Act

Date: October 26, 2017
Contact: Tanya Arditi

Washington, D.C. — New estimates about the economic benefits of passing the bipartisan Dream Act at the state and industry levels, published today by the Center for American Progress, find that all across the nation, states such as California, Texas, Florida, and Illinois would see significant positive impacts to the state’s GDP and gains in several key industries. Even states with fewer numbers of eligible workers would see big gains, according to the analysis based on a groundbreaking model previously used in a CAP study estimating the number of workers each state and industries within them would lose if a policy of mass deportation were instituted.

These estimates add to CAP’s existing analysis around the Dream Act, which found that passing S. 1615 in the Senate and H.R. 3440 in the House, putting potentially eligible workers on a pathway to citizenship, would add at least $281 billion and as much as $1 trillion to the national GDP over a decade.

“This study is yet more evidence of just how powerful a catalyst the Dream Act would be for states and industries, including construction, manufacturing, and leisure and hospitality. It’s no surprise we’ve seen business and elected leaders from across the country show their support for passing the Dream Act immediately,” said Philip E. Wolgin, managing director for the Immigration Policy team at the Center for American Progress and co-author of the analysis. “In the wake of the Trump administration’s decision to end DACA, advocates, Dreamers, and their families are all looking to Congress to pass the Dream Act and provide permanent protection and a pathway to citizenship for a community that, for the most part, has only ever called the United States their home. Dreamers’ lives have an impact on every American in every state, often without them truly knowing to what extent. Analysis like this helps bring into focus a more complete picture of Dreamers in America.”

Among the states highlighted in the analysis, estimates include the following:

  • In California, the study finds that with the 515,000 immediately eligible workers, the Dream Act would add up to $20.3 billion every year to the state’s GDP.

  • In Texas, 306,000 immediately eligible workers would help add up to $11.4 billion each year to the state’s GDP and up to $2 billion specifically to the construction sector, which is key considering that the state is still recovering from Hurricane Harvey.

  • In Florida, 117,000 immediately eligible workers would contribute to up to $4.1 billion every year to the state’s GDP. The construction sector in Florida will also be of utmost importance as the state recovers from the damage caused by Hurricane Irma, and passing the Dream Act would add up to $416 million to the construction sector each year in Florida.

  • In Illinois, with the 96,000 immediately eligible workers, the Dream Act would add up to $4 billion every year to the state’s GDP.

In addition to the construction industry, the report looks at industries such as leisure and hospitality, agriculture, manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, and educational and health services.

Click here to view CAP’s analysis, “The State-by-State Economic Benefits of Passing the Dream Act.”

For more information or to speak to an expert on this topic, please contact Tanya Arditi at tarditi@americanprogress.org or 202-741-6258.

FWD.us Statement on House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Assertion that Dreamer Legislation will be Included in Year End Spending Bill

Posted by FWD.us Press on 10/25/2017

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement today on House Speaker Paul Ryan’s comment that Dreamer legislation will be included in year end spending bill:

“We are pleased by Speaker Ryan’s announcement that it is urgent that Congress pass legislation that protects Dreamers before the end of the year. Recent polling has found that more than 80% of Americans support allowing Dreamers to earn a pathway to citizenship – including a Fox News poll showing that 79% of Republicans share this belief. The votes are there among both Democrats and Republicans in Congress to pass such legislation. Every member who stands with Dreamers should immediately cosponsor legislation like the Dream Act that would allow Dreamers to earn a pathway to citizenship, to continue to show House and Senate leadership the overwhelming support for Dreamers in Congress.”

FWD.us Statement on Senator Flake's Decision Not to Run for Re-election

Posted by FWD.us Press on 10/24/2017

WASHINGTON, DC – FWD.us President Todd Schulte issued the following statement today on Senator Flake’s decision not to run for re-election:

“Senator Flake is a conservative Republican, and during his time in office – across many issues – time and time again he has chosen the path of working to find common ground to achieve policy solutions instead of merely resorting to partisan bickering. We should all be thankful for his service, whether we as Americans agreed with all or few of his policy positions. Senator Flake’s decision not to run for re-election is a loss, not just for Arizonans but for the entire country. It is yet another consequence of the dangers of extreme partisanship and we hope members on both sides of the aisle will take notice and come together to find solutions for the American people.”