New White House Proposal to Welcome International Entrepreneurs

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy announced a proposal for a new rule, which will allow the world’s most talented entrepreneurs to start and scale the next generation of innovative companies in the United States.

Statement from President Todd Schulte:

“Ensuring that our immigration system allows the best and the brightest foreign-born entrepreneurs to start companies and create jobs in the United States is absolutely critical. We’re excited to see the White House announcement of their new International Entrepreneur Rule that will make it possible for talented entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses here.

“Today’s announcement is a draft rule — that means we need people to weigh in on the policy to make sure it’s going to work best to help entrepreneurs create more jobs. The International Entrepreneur Rule can be a big win for the tech and business community, and for the economy on the whole. Immigrants have long been an economic multiplier for the United States, and we will continue to support efforts to enhance immigration options for innovators and job creators.”

Posted by The Team on 08/26/2016