Add Your Name: Tell Congress To Include Immigration In Reconciliation

SIGN-ON LETTER: Millions of immigrants and other Americans are waiting on President Biden and Congressional Democrats to deliver on immigration.

For over three decades, undocumented immigrants have urged Congress to pass legislation that would provide them with certain protections.

Unfortunately, Congress has yet to take meaningful action but undocumented immigrants will not give up until permanent immigration protections become a reality.

President Biden and Congressional Democrats promised to shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation and family separation through immigration legislation. But, so far, they have yet to deliver on their promise.

In the coming weeks, Congressional Democrats will have an opportunity to use a legislative process known as reconciliation to fulfill their promises on immigration.

Voters across the country have made it clear — they want Congress to use every tool at their disposal to get immigration relief signed into law.

The time for Congress to act on immigration is now. No more excuses.

Add your name to urge Congressional Democrats to deliver on immigration through reconciliation.

Reyna Montoya, AZ
Avinash C, CA
Ana Garcia, CA
Anner Alfaro Cividanis, CA
Maria Gavaldon, CA
Edvin Dapcevic, CA
Karen Nunez Sifuentes, CO
Armando Reyes, CO
Karen Nunez Sifuentes, CO
Jesus Castro Gonzalez, CO
Fryda Faugier Ferriera, CO
Hugo Calvo, CO
Reydesel Salvidrez, CO
Mario Bravo, CO
Gladis Ibarra, CO
Daiquiri Ryan, DC
Maria Rodriguez Acosta, FL
Claudia Jimenez, FL
Marco Dorado, FL
Yerisson Cardenas, GA
Christian Olvera, GA
Bernie Olvera, GA
Jennifer Coello, GA
Oscar Baza Pineda, GA
María del Rosario Palacios, GA
Diana Vela Martinez, GA
Cheska Mae Perez, IL
Edwin Torres, MN
Eroisha Crasto, NJ
Vania Durand, NJ
Ilknur Eren, NJ
Astrid Silva, NV
Nayelli Rico Lopez, NV
Ambar Januel Lopez, NY
Erendira Garcia, NY
Jessica Astudillo Oleas, M.D., NY
Sogbe-Eden N’guessan, NY
Aura Lopez Zarate, NY
Hina Naveed, NY
Isidora Echeverria, NY
Rey Mendez, NY
Israel Sanchez, NY
Raymond Partolan, NY
Maria Morales, SC
Jesus Contreras, TX
Javier Quiroz, TX
Edilsa Lopez, TX
Melissa Martinez, TX
Ricardo Reyna, TX
Angélica Guzmán, UT
Mariela Pulido, WA
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