The Supreme Court decided to delay taking action on the Trump Administration’s case to terminate DACA.

There is no good reason for the Supreme Court to consider this case right now, on a rushed timeline, given that several lower courts have found the DACA program to be lawful.

By denying the Trump Administration’s request to hear the DACA case, the Supreme Court has signaled that DACA beneficiaries may continue to renew important documents like their driver’s licenses and work permits.

However, this ruling doesn’t prevent future efforts to terminate DACA protections. The Supreme Court could still decide to hear the DACA cases at a later date, so it is important for Dreamers who are eligible to renew their DACA as soon as possible.

Only Congress has the authority to write and enact laws, and there is no reason to delay a vote on legislation to protect Dreamers.

That’s why we’re standing up to urge Congress to listen to the 83% of Americans who believe Dreamers deserve permanent protections. We’ll be making calls to Congress in support of DACA recipients as soon as the government shutdown is over — and we need to know who can join us.

Stand up for DACA recipients today. Join us in asking Congress to pass a permanent legislative solution allowing DACA recipients to earn the citizenship they deserve!