Thank you legislature!

Oklahoma has the highest incarceration rate in the country. But the legislature recently took big steps to change that by reducing the state’s prison population.

  • SB 252 passed the House and would ensure many people charged with misdemeanors and non-violent felonies are not jailed while they are waiting for their day in court.
  • HB 1100 passed the Senate, and distinguishes ‘simple possession’ from ‘possession with intent to distribute’, and will give law enforcement more specific guidance in drug cases.
  • HB 1269 passed the Senate. This bill is supported by 76% of Oklahomans and makes it possible for people in prison for crimes that are now misdemeanors to be resentenced under current law.
  • HB 2218 and HB 2273 passed the Senate and would implement best practices in probation & parole, including incentivizing people on probation to take educational steps & ensures that criminal justice debts are not barriers to successful re-entry.
  • HB 2009 passed the Senate and would limit powerful sentence enhancements for non-violent offenses.

This was all made possible by the hard work of the Oklahoma legislature. Add your name today to say THANK YOU for moving these reforms forward … and encourage the legislature to continue to work to pass these needed reforms this session.

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