Call Congress

Fight the Virus and Protect Families & Communities

We need Congress to take immediate, bold action to fight the coronavirus.

Everyone has a role to play in fighting the coronavirus, and that starts with every single Senator and Member of the United States Congress. This crisis requires bold, immediate action — and because we know this will disproportionately harm the most vulnerable populations in this country, including those hurt by our broken immigration and criminal justice systems, we need immediate action.

We call on all elected leaders who can to take action right now.

This includes:

  • An unprecedented surge in public health spending starting with giving every single person in the U.S. access to free coronavirus tests immediately and the health care coverage they need at no cost, including vulnerable populations such as undocumented immigrants and people who are incarcerated. We also need a mass infusion of medical supplies and new infrastructure.
  • People are losing their jobs and wages right now. Businesses are closing down because they have to or because they don’t know if they can meet payroll. We can stop this with a huge economic stimulus package, including the following:
  • Send a check to everyone in the U.S. today for a few thousand dollars, do it again next month, and keep doing it until this crisis is behind us
  • Massive zero-interest loan assistance to any small business who needs it and some targeted tax relief for others so they don’t fire their workforce. This means making sure restaurants, home health care providers — and not just big companies — can keep people paid and stay afloat.
  • Emergency funds to cover child and medical care
  • Huge expansion of unemployment insurance and safety net programs and benefits

This is going to require a multi-trillion dollar approach — and this is just some of what we need. We are the richest country in the history of the world, and the question isn’t can we afford it, because we can. Rather, we cannot afford to wait another day to act.

Call your Senator today and demand they take immediate action to help alleviate the worst effects from the coronavirus crisis.
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