Tell Senator Simmons: Don't Hurt Florida’s Economy

Immigrants Power Florida’s Economy and Strengthen Its Communities

Thanks to its sunny beaches, premier theme parks, and vast natural resources, Florida has often been regarded as one of the nation’s top vacation destinations and a leading agricultural state.

However, state lawmakers have introduced harmful legislation that would damage our economy, shrink tourism, and harm Florida’s reputation as a warm and welcoming destination.

This proposal, known as Senate Bill 168, would target immigrant workers within Florida’s agricultural industry. Right now, 77% of agricultural workers in Florida are immigrants who help grow Florida’s citrus and vegetable production — an industry that accounts for $6.4 billion of the state’s GDP.

Additionally, Senate Bill 168 would stop local law enforcement from concentrating on real public safety priorities and turn them into federal immigration agents who would help separate families.

Legislation targeting Florida’s immigrant communities — who contribute $26 billion in federal, state, and local taxes each year — is bad for the economy. Florida’s economic growth would stall, tourism rates would decline, and the state’s image would be damaged, if state lawmakers pass Senate Bill 168.

Ask State Senator David Simmons to protect Florida’s economy and state industries by voting against Senate Bill 168.

Florida’s Economy is Powered by Immigrants


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