This is [your name] from [your city], and my zipcode is [your zipcode]. I’m writing today to urge you to prioritize criminal justice reforms. Now more than ever, you must address Mississippi’s incarceration crisis.

The Mississippi Legislature has advanced three pieces of critical criminal justice reform legislation, HB 1024, HB 1377 and SB 2123, that could safely reduce the state’s dangerously high prison population. These bills, which limit the state’s harmful habitual sentencing laws and expand parole eligibility, are even more necessary and crucial as we face a health pandemic that could put vulnerable people in prison at risk.

Without action, the virus is projected to kill 186 individuals incarcerated in Mississippi. Our legislators must take bold steps to reduce the number of people in prison immediately, and ensure the health and well-being of the 18,000 people incarcerated in Mississippi’s prisons, facility employees, and the surrounding communities.

Thank you!