Commit To Call Congress: Protect the Dream

Tell Congress to pass permanent protections for Dreamers, TPS holders, and DED recipients.

The lives of hundreds of thousands of Dreamers, TPS holders, and DED recipients are at risk.

The Trump Administration has repealed DACA, and terminated six TPS designations and protection for Liberian DED recipients. Congress must do the right thing and pass permanent bipartisan protections for these immigrants who for years have been contributing to our communities and our economy.

On Tuesday, March 12, 2019, Congress introduced the Dream and Promise Act. This bill allows Dreamers, TPS holders, and DED recipients to contribute fully in the country they love and know to be their home by providing a pathway to citizenship. We need supporters like you to keep up the momentum and commit to call your member of Congress.

The average Dreamer came to this country at the age of six and has lived here for 20 years. They are nurses, teachers, and engineers, and contribute to their families, communities and our economy. The Trump Administration’s relentless pursuit to end renewals and throw the lives of DACA recipients into even further chaos would have devastating consequences for Dreamers, their loved ones, employers, and communities across the U.S.

Temporary Protected Status was established by Congress as part of the Immigration Act of 1990. It grants renewable legal status — which doesn’t include a separate permanent pathway to citizenship but does include the right to work and protection from deportation — to people from designated countries fleeing armed conflict, environmental disaster, or other extraordinary circumstances that prevent them from safely returning to their home countries.

All Liberian (DED) recipients have lived in the United States for at least 15 years, and must pass a federal background check before they earn a work permit and deportation protections, including paying application fees, submitting their family’s information, getting their fingerprints taken, and undergoing background checks every time they apply for DED. The decision by the Trump Administration to pursue an end to DED renewals and throw the lives of hardworking individuals into even further chaos is a devastating decision with life-altering consequences for Liberian Americans, their loved ones, employers, and communities across the United States.

The United States is the only home many Dreamers, TPS holders, and DED recipients have ever known. Collectively, they work, pay taxes, own homes, and help the U.S. economy grow. But ending DACA and terminating TPS and DED designations for countries engulfed in war and chaos is not just bad for America’s economy — it could also put their lives and families at risk.

It’s up to Congress to make protections for Dreamers, TPS holders, and DED recipients permanent.

Will you call your representative and ask them to support the Dream and Promise Act now?

Commit To Call Congress
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