New York has a worsening incarceration crisis and passing parole reform could begin addressing it. Thousands of parole-eligible New Yorkers are repeatedly denied release and thousands more aren’t eligible for a parole hearing at all. These restrictive parole policies disproportionately impact Black and Latinx people and have contributed to an alarming increase in the number of older people in state prisons. New York can’t afford to wait any longer for parole reform. Lawmakers should pass Elder Parole (S.15A/A.3475A) and Fair & Timely Parole (S.1415A/A.4231A) to address the prison crisis and create a more fair parole process where people have real and meaningful opportunities for release to their families and communities. Call, email, or tweet New York lawmakers and tell them that the time for parole justice is NOW. Thousands of people are counting on you.