Tell Your Elected Leaders: Protect Bail Reform

Tell Your Elected Leaders: No Rollbacks on Bail Reform

Right now, New York lawmakers are considering proposals to rollback bail reform that would unjustly expose thousands more legally innocent New Yorkers to bail and pretrial jailing. The proposed rollbacks disproportionately focus their attention on expanding bail and pretrial jailing for the lowest level charges in the criminal justice system. It would have a significant impact on the same poor, Black, and brown communities that the original bail reform package was supposed to protect.

The facts are clear: Bail reform has been resoundingly successful. As many as 183,000 New Yorkers have been spared the injustices of bail and pretrial jailing since passage and 98% of those released under bail reform have not been rearrested for a violent crime. Proposed rollbacks would significantly increase pretrial incarceration and racial disparities and undo years of work towards ending the criminalization of poverty – all without advancing public safety. Call, email, or tweet to tell New York elected leaders to protect bail reform.

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