End Family Separation at the Border

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Former President Donald Trump recently returned to the U.S.-Mexico border to double down on his Administration’s cruel and failed immigration policies. This visit is a stark reminder that the U.S. must never forget the horrors inflicted on migrant families through Trump-era immigration policies such as MPP, Title 42, and family separations at the border.

The Biden Administration must work to build a fair, working and humane asylum system, including by ending title 42, rebuilding asylum protections, safely and humanely processing people seeking asylum at the border and establishing new legal avenues for migrants to apply for humanitarian relief. These steps will not only repeal the chaos and confusion of the Trump Administration, but will help to build a fair and orderly system that allows future migrants to be welcomed with dignity. The Biden Administration can take these steps while ensuring that all appropriate health and safety measures are taken to prevent the additional spread of COVID-19.

We must restore dignity for our families at the border by rebuilding the asylum system as part of our broader immigration system. We can have a system that actually works and focuses on keeping families together, while prioritizing immigrants’ dignity to work, live, and establish the U.S. as their home. Take the pledge to urge the Biden Administration to restore dignity for our families at the border.

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