URGENT: Governor Tate Reeves needs to hear from you. Urge him to sign SB 2795 to expand parole eligibility.  This bill will help safely reduce the state’s high prison population and save precious taxpayer dollars.  Use the call and email script below to take action today:

This is [your name] from [your city], and my zipcode is [your zipcode]. I’m calling today to ask that you sign SB 2795 to expand parole eligibility to help safely reduce our prison population. Now more than ever, you must address Mississippi’s incarceration crisis.

Mississippi’s dangerously high prison population is caused in part by our restrictive parole laws, that offer few opportunities for release. The prison system costs the state 340 million dollars a year and does not make us any safer. But this year, the Mississippi legislature took the important step to make progress on criminal justice reform by passing SB 2795. It is now up to you to take the next step. Please sign SB 2795 to expand parole eligibility to give more people a meaningful chance for release.  Mississippians are counting on you.

Thank you!