URGENT: Mississippi legislators need to hear from you. Urge them to finish the work they started to safely reduce the prison population and save people behind bars from the threat of coronavirus! Use the call and email script below to take action today:

This is [your name] from [your city], and my zipcode is [your zipcode]. I’m calling today to ask that you enact criminal justice reform this session. Now more than ever, you must address Mississippi’s incarceration crisis.

Mississippi has failed to adequately address its incarceration crisis for decades. Mississippi’s dangerously high prison population has led to a situation so dire that the Trump Administration’s Department of Justice has launched an investigation of the state’s prison system, and COVID-19 is spreading rapidly behind bars. The state legislature passed a critical parole reform bill to safely reduce the state’s dangerously high prison population, but the governor vetoed the bill. Now we need you to help ensure that the legislature doesn’t end this session without enacting legislation that could safely reduce our state’s prison population. Please finish the work you started.

Thank you!