Colorado has enacted bipartisan legislation expanding access to driver’s licenses to all state residents, regardless of immigration status.

Championed by a bipartisan coalition of legislative sponsors, the Colorado Road and Community Safety Act, also known as SB 139, was signed into law by Colorado Governor Jared Polis.

Under this measure, more undocumented immigrants who meet strict qualification requirements will be eligible to apply for a state driver’s license.

SB 139 is a big step forward for Colorado, expanding the effectiveness of previous legislation by ensuring that more Coloradans have access to state licenses. It alleviates the extreme burden placed on existing licensing locations, and increases access for Coloradans in rural communities.

SB 139 is the result of the tireless, years-long work of the I Drive Coalition and Colorado’s immigrant advocacy community, who partnered with local businesses and communities to help expand access to driver’s licenses…

Take a moment to send a thank you email to Colorado lawmakers and Governor Polis for making roads safer for all Coloradans and delivering a victory for immigrant communities across the state.