Call Your Senator: Pass SB 1334 Today

Take Action for Arizona: Call Your Senator for Criminal Justice Reform

Arizona has some of the longest and harshest sentences in the country.

Today, the legislature can take the first small step towards a fairer criminal justice system: Senate Bill 1334.

Call your state senator and tell them to vote yes on SB 1334.

In Arizona, individuals can be sent to prison as “repetitive offenders” even if they have never before been convicted of a crime, driving more people to prison and for longer. SB 1334 would end this harsh and unfair practice.

SB 1334 is our last chance for change this year. Many meaningful reform bills were introduced this year, but few received hearings and even fewer progressed. While only a small step, SB 1334 is an important first step towards the criminal justice system that Arizonans deserve.

Tell your state senator to vote yes on SB 1334.

Take action: Call your state senator.


Only Arizona residents can make calls to state legislators.
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