Volunteers in Action

Posted by on September 04, 2013.

Volunteers in cities across the country were active and vocal to close out a strong August mobilizing for immigration reform.


FWD.us hosted our first phone bank in Boston on August 20th, led by volunteer Action team leader Hamzah. This was followed by the first content meeting in the city at the Cambridge Coworking Center. Attendees shared their stories and learned about how FWD.us uses content to push immigration reform forward in Washington D.C.


In New York City, volunteers for immigration reform attended a leadership meeting at SoHo WeWork West. The meeting gave volunteer leaders a chance to work collaboratively across the Action, Content, and Growth teams. This week, FWD.us volunteers and members of the technology community will share their perspectives about immigration reform at a panel discussion on Thursday.


In Chicago, volunteers led a neighborhood-specific organizing event dubbed "Contentapalooza." Volunteers set up stations in three different neighborhoods in order to collect immigration stories and increase awareness about immigration reform. Multiple Chicagoans participated in videotaping their stories and learning how to become their own "hub leaders" in their neighborhoods.

On August 28th, both Chicago and New York City volunteer teams hosted phone banks generating hundreds of new commitments to take action for immigration reform.


The San Francisco tech community met for a Happy Hour where immigration reform supporters learned about becoming company leads and signed up for action activities, like phone banks and content meetings. There were a ton of new faces at the event, which was hosted at the FWD.us San Francisco office.

The night was capped off by an informative round of immigration reform trivia, hosted by volunteer leaders.

The San Francisco Content and Action teams also met last week to plan future initiatives and organized a phone bank to share our progress with FWD.us supporters.

If you haven't made it out to a FWD.us volunteer event yet, don't worry, we're building on our momentum in these cities and will continue to host more volunteer-driven events in the coming weeks. Join FWD.us today and you'll be the first to know about new events happening in your area.



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